Thai Fame

Thai Fame has continuously focused on development of international quality for sourcing and trading worldwide.
To guarantee customer satisfaction, monitor team of Thai Fame also closely inspect every step of process from order to final delivery.

The Thai Fame Brand

Even though many Thai dishes are simple to make, some of them need many specific ingredients and rather complicated preparation. It is especially difficult for foreigners and Thai people who live abroad to get all the right materials as well as cooking tools to get everything done right.

Therefore, the Thai Fame Brand was born to respond to this need. We offer a wide range of products from Thailand in packages that are delicious, easy to prepare and easy to keep in order to optimally suit the busy lifestyle of today’s generation.

Why Thai Fame?

Currently, a great number of food products are offered to customers and there is significant competition in the global food market. The reason why Thai Fame is the best choice for you is because our biggest concern is to offer the best products and services to our customers. We stay competitive in the Thai food market but, at the same time, we maintain our products quality at the highest level with our best ingredients, best chefs and best flavours.

With our vast experience in the food market and our complete understanding of the customers needs, we guarantee that you will never be disappointed with Thai Fame. Your satisfaction is our inspiration, let us be your choice.